There are thousands of Ukrainian refugees already in Greece, and unfortunately there are going to be thousands more. GR4UA.org is here to help Ukrainian refugees locate housing, support services and jobs, ensure that they are safe in their new accommodations and assist them in adjusting to their new, albeit temporary home in our beautiful country.

Greece has many homes that could be made available — entire homes or spare bedrooms in people’s homes. GR4UA’s mission is to reach these homeowners, connect and coordinate matching the right Ukrainian refugees with the most appropriate host.

Greece is currently experiencing a labor shortage in many sectors, including over 1.5 million jobs available in the tourism sector — and often this temporary work provides room and board. Making this connection is of benefit to the Greek economy and provides temporary work and housing for displaced persons.

This is a huge undertaking which requires GR4UA to quickly ramp up operations and scale in order to help as many people as possible. We cannot do this alone — GR4UA.org needs your help and generosity.


What will my donation be used for?
Supporting GR4UA means supporting Ukrainian refugees. 100% of your donation will be used to help Ukrainian refugees find housing, support services and work.

Our Transparency Pledge: In order to promote transparency, accountability, and integrity, GR4UA will provide quarterly reports and annual audited reports, accessible for donors and the public, here on our website.

What forms of donations does GR4UA accept?
We accept cash, services in kind, and anything that could be used to help Ukrainian refugees, both adult and children; for example: transportation, bicycles, computers, etc.
Can I set up a recurring donation?
Yes. You can do this by selecting ‘monthly’ when making a donation through our website, or by setting up a direct debit from your bank account to ours (please email us with your contact details if you choose this option). We understand that circumstances change — if you no longer wish to continue your recurring donation, please contact us to discontinue.
Can my company support GR4UA?

Yes. We are looking for companies that can support us through our Public-Private Partnerships for The People. We have a variety of corporate sponsorship opportunities and customized partnership plans. Please contact John@GR4UA.org to explore how our alliance can help support Ukrainian refugees.