Humanitarian center "OPORA"

  • Free clothes, shoes and other necessities.
  • Children’s clothes, toys, books, strollers, cribs, etc.
  • Baby food.
  • Product sets (once every 3 weeks)
  • Other humanitarian aid from various international organizations

🚩Athens, 8 Feron Street, Victoria Metro Station
📱  694 80 90 196
⏱️ Mon – Fri 10:00-16:00
Sat 10:00-15:00                                                  🎥


Leleka - Motherhood Center for Ukrainian Women in Greece

  • Information about childbirth in Greece
  • Individual and group support by a psychologist before and after childbirth
  • Organization of a prenatal group with a doula and a midwife
  • “Live” meetings for networking and creating a women’s circle of support
  • Assistance with tests, if they are not provided by the public institutions in Greece
  • Information help about hospitals and medical institutions

📱  +306985686258


International Rescue Committee

  • Individual advice on employment issues
  • Individual advice on self-employment
  • Support in job search and selection
  • Informing what’s up to labour rights and work culture in Greece
  • Assistance in preparation for work (compilation of a CV, cover letter, preparation for an interview, etc.)
  • Business training
  • Free individual and group psychological consultation

📱  +306947250595 – employment                      📱  +306947440866 – psychologist


Free transportation Athena card

1. You go to the metro ticket office with your AMKA number and issue your personal Athena card.
2. Go to the IDIKA website you follow the procedure indicated to activate the free travel function
3. After 3 working days, press the subsidy button at any metro station in the machine to pay for the fare. The card is topped up for 90 days of free travel.
4. After 90 days, you will have to renew the subsidy again



Athens Solidarity Center by SolidarityNow

The services provided are:
✅Psychological support and counselling
🚩2 Domokou str, Athens 

📱 +1 210-822-0883
⏱️ Mon – Fri 09:00 – 17:00


YouTube channel "Тимчасовий захист українцям"

The channel “Тимчасовий захист українцям” collects and publishes all the necessary information for Ukrainians who were forced to leave the country due to Russian aggression.
Various support programs, volunteer groups and people who help Ukrainians abroad.

Playlist: General information
Playlist: Temporary protection in Greece

Médecins du Monde Greece - Doctors of the World

  • Free medical services
  • Psychological and social support
  • Food products

🚩Athens, Sapphous 12.         📱 +30 210 32 13 150

🌐édecins du Monde Greece

Danish Refugee Council

  • Access information about your rights
  • Receive support to access services
  • Share your feedback, concerns or questions to help us understand your needs
  • Get vital information via an automated message modality, available 24/7

📱 6952220148, 6945059151
⏱️ Mon – Fri 09:30 – 16:30


Odyssea - Education Centre

  • Employment opportunities in society
  • Tailored vocational and life-skills training
  • Open access to technology through their Fabrication Laboratory (FabLab)

📱 +30210 8839877,  +30210 4815780



· Accommodation (room and board) for women and children over 5 years old (Athens)
· Babysitting and creative activities for children aged 4-6 years old
· Legal support and a dedicated complaints helpline**
· Psychosocial support
· Provision of food and non-food items
· Support to find work
· Greek and English language courses for adults*
· Greek, English, German and native language courses for Ukrainian and Russian-speaking children*
· Remedial teaching for children attending the Greek school

📱 6908091400


Caritas Athens

  • Social support (info and referrals for housing, medical appointments, administrative procedures etc.)
  • Legal counselling
  • Job counselling (CV, job ads, connection to job market etc.)
  • Financial consulting and tax-related issues (unemployment cards, PAAYPA, AMKA, ATHENA card, tax declarations etc.)
  • Greek language classes

🚩24 Rene Pio str., Neos Kosmos, 11744 Athens                                                                   📱 +30 694 526 77 88                                             📧                         ⏱️ Mon – Fri 09:00 – 17:00


ADAMA Centre

  •  Practical help, advice and assistance on how to navigate the Greek labour market.
  • Refugees across the country can attend in-person and remote sessions.
  • The Centre prepares refugees for the job market by helping them develop a CV and issue the necessary documents for applications, links them to specific job openings and provides interview preparation, as well as coaching and support while on the job.

📞 6945267788                                                  ⏱️ Mon – Fri 09:00 – 17:00

Doctors without Borders

Doctors without Borders provides free medical services:
– Sexual reproductive health
– Mental health
– Non-communicable diseases (chronic diseases)
– Care for victims of sexual violence
– Vaccination against COVID
– Primary health care (general practitioner)
All services are free and confidential, everyone is welcome, with or without documents.
For more information about our medical services, please contact us via Whatsapp at this number:  6952350920.
✒️Address: Solonos 140, Athens


  • The doors of our Center are open on weekends for kids from 3 to 7 years old (“Children’s Corner” group). In our classes children
  • learn to draw, sculpt, dance, sing,
  • develop speech, fine motor skills, and sensory awareness;
  • form elementary mathematical concepts (number, size and shapes, orientation in space, orientation in time, familiarization with numbers);
    learn rhymes;
  • play outdoor games, and perform rhythmic exercises;
  • participate in the theatre circle (only in Ukrainian).Together we will help children to integrate harmoniously into the community to cope with a difficult situation.

📱 6975425163                                    ✒️Address: Mpaltazi 32, Athens                      ⌨️ Email:

Free online legal advice program for refugees from Ukraine

If you need information and advice on the temporary protection process and your rights in Greece, please contact us:
WhatsApp +30 6972575615

from Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 14:00

🚩 Congolese community of Greece
17 Skyrou, 11363 Athens, Greece

⌨️ Email:


Ukrainian Women in Greece

Support of women, women with children (Athens), assistance with adaptation to a new place of residence, psychological support and promotion of preservation and development of Ukrainian culture.

MON-FRI 10:00-19:00 Weekends – by phone
+30 210 969 04 00, +30 697 302 25 11 Julia

  • Individual consultations on adaptation to life in Athens
  • Psychological support and appointment to a psychologist – Telegram channel “Psychologists for Ukrainians in Greece”
  • “Girls’ gatherings” – meetings for acquaintance and communication (every Saturday at 17:00)
  • Assistance in case of gender-based violence, human trafficking
  • Information seminars
  • Learning languages
  • Circles and classes for women and children (shaping, yoga, dancing, trainings, master classes)
  • Organization and holding of fairs, concerts, festivals
  • Organization and holding of actions, rallies
  • Library of Ukrainian books (Tues, Thurs from 15:00 to 20:00, Sat from 17:00 to 20:00)

fb: @ukrainianwomengr
Insta: @clubukrainianwomen
📞 +306949012656, Anastasia
+306907588485, Anna
🚩 Kapodistriou Str 4, Athina 106 82 (come by call)

Ukrainian Sunday school at the Association "Ukrainian-Greek Dumka"

Invites 📢 children aged 5 to 14 years for the 2022-2023 🔔 school year.

Topics of our classes:
📙📘 study of the Ukrainian language;
📚 familiarity with modern and classic children’s literature;
📐mathematical curiosities;
🌏 history, geography, nature of ours. of Ukraine;
♟️lessons of ethics and rhetoric;
🎨 art school lessons;
🧩⚽️ game and motor activity;
🗂 psychological support
🐣 comprehensive preparation of preschoolers for school.
The school has a piano, dance, and painting studio 🎹🥿🖼.
⏳️ Individual lessons in mathematics, Ukrainian language, English, history and geography according to your needs.
✒️Address: Αριστομένους 101, Αθήνα – Πλατεία Attikis, 10446, ΑΤΤΙΚΉ
📞6938067003, 6944288859
⌨️ Email: